What others are saying about their experience with Nicole.

I just love working with Nicole! She is super knowledgeable, endlessly empathetic, and just easy to connect with. Nicole has played a pivotal role in helping me heal from sexual trauma. We often discuss the connections between mental health and spirituality, physical health, and identity. She takes a holistic approach to working with her clients, and she meets me where I'm at. She's always connecting me with different resources, such as journaling support groups, articles, books, and social media accounts. She often checks in on my goals, how our sessions are going, and acknowledges my growth.
Nicole was a Godsend in difficult times and has become a trusted, ongoing counsel. The pandemic, an imploding relationship, and the loss of income and home found me leaning on old habits of stress relief through sexual outlets. In addition to helping me understand, manage, and replace those habits, she's also helped me navigate large career, health, and life decisions. Her input is well-balanced between tangible resources and thought-provoking insights. You've found a keeper!